Social convention is a powerful force and for good reasons. Without it our societies would crumble under the weight of collective differences. 

But that doesn't mean we should slavishly follow conventions when they no longer serve our best interests. 

Last year I broke with convention I decided to stop drinking alcohol. As well as all the many benefits I've mentioned before, another strange thing happened. 

I started receiving a lot of support from all areas. Compared with the articles I'd written about mediation, the ones about drinking cut through so much more.

Hundreds of thousands of people read them and they generated huge amounts of comments, feedback and interest in meditation, even though they weren't directly about meditation. 

I was even invited to speak about it on The Today Show on New Year's Day as if one person stopping drinking is national news worthy!

The lesson here is that when we dare to be different, and when it's something that we believe in intuitively, the world will support us and push us on towards our goals. 

What will you dare to do differently this year?