Peter, 32, Data & Insights Director

"Rory's approach to meditation is refreshingly relatable and very welcoming. He presents the concepts well, answers questions openly and honestly, and provides the right support to help incorporate meditation into your daily life." ★★★★★

"The most inspiring weekend I've had in ages" ★★★★★

Felicity, 41, Finance Manager and Entrepreneur

"I found Rory's course to be an enjoyable and enlightening introduction to meditation. In a very supportive environment, Rory talks through some of the myths surrounding meditation and provides you with the necessary tools and understanding to create your own daily practice. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to explore the benefits of meditation and make it part of their daily routine." ★★★★★

"I loved Rory's no bullshit approach" ★★★★★

The meditation course provided by Rory was incredible. His knowledge, passion and intelligence around meditation is clearly visible, and has a large impact on the quality of delivery and what his students will get out of him. I highly recommend almost anyone to take part in this practice, particularly with Rory who provides the tuition in a relaxing, fun and incredibly informed manner. A thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial weekend.
— Nic, 33, Property Developer ★★★★★

"Excellent course. Good pace of learning and practice. Came out feeling inspired and confident of making it a part of my everyday life." ★★★★★

Carly, Sydney

"I've been a meditator for nearly 10 years on and off. I recently decided to dedicate myself more to meditation in order to reap its benefits which are many. I decided to visit Rory for a refresher class even though I didn't originally train with him. Rory is a natural communicator who is relatable and has an infectious enthusiasm. He just tells you to accept whatever the meditation experience brings but stay dedicated. It works.  Since the refresher I have been able to meditate on a consistent basis and I have noticed many benefits from my practise. I sleep better, I worry less and life is good."  ★★★★★