Rory Kinsella is an independent teacher of Vedic Meditation based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Coming from a background in mainstream media both in Australia and back in his native UK, Rory had a realisation in his mid-thirties that there must be more to life than the corporate grind and the highs and lows of living for the weekend.


He embarked on a journey of self-development that saw him run marathons, undertake personality modelling, NLP training and experimenting with various types of meditation until he discovered Vedic Meditation. The simple technique had such a profound and positive effect that he quickly knew he wanted to teach this ancient wisdom to others. After studying under Tim Brown, Australia’s most experienced teacher, and completing his studies in India, he has taught people of all ages from all walks of life, specialising in professionals and creatives who want to reduce stress and improve productivity. 


He is passionate about creativity as an outlet and is a former professional musician, keen photographer and writer of two (unpublished) novels. His journalism background has taught him the importance of simplicity and directness in communication and his teaching is presented in approachable everyday language with real and relevant examples.  

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