The course

The course is run across four days at times convenient for working professionals and is designed to give you an immersive experience with plenty of opportunity for questions and feedback. It sets up a momentum that will give you the best chance of establishing an on-going practice. There is a weekend/evening format course and one that runs before work – click on the options below for more details. 


We aim to make Vedic Meditation affordable to as many people as possible, using a sliding scale system whereby those who can afford it most subsidise those who can’t. When I first learned I remember thinking the cost was high, but it was honestly the best investment I’ve ever made. This is an investment in yourself and part of the reason for the cost is to motivate you to stick with the practice. Whether it’s right or wrong, we generally value things at a similar level to their cost. This is also the best value approach to take if you plan on meditating long term when you consider the lifetime access to phone and email support as well as group meditations and refresher courses with any Vedic Meditation teacher worldwide. 

Students self select their course fee. Please refer to the guide below which has been designed so that everyone can benefit from the technique. Guide is based on gross income – if you’re not the main breadwinner, use the salary of the household’s main earner. It’s an honour system and you won’t be asked to provide any documentation. Monthly payment plans are also available – get in touch for details.

  • $500 (yearly income of $50k or less)

  • $600 (yearly income of $50 – 70k)

  • $750 (yearly income of $70k – 100k)

  • $950 (yearly income of $100k – 150k)

  • $1250 (yearly income of $150k+)

  • $2000 (private course)

Can't find a course time that suits you? Get in touch here to suggest alternative times.