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What I learned from a year of not drinking

What it’s like to quit drinking for a year – the benefits, pitfalls and tips on how to get through it.


The Sober Truth

Rory wrote about how a week of the booze turned into a year and beyond. Featured in Sydney lifestyle magazine Local East.


The week I went VIRAL

Rory created a guided meditation for hangovers and then watched as it became a viral beast of its own and went off on news sites around the world from Romania to Brazil, Thailand to Kenya after being featured in the Daily Mail.


What happened when I gave up drinking for 100 days

Rory writes for about his experiences cutting out the booze in 2018. Read how he handled the social anxiety, the peer pressure and how he increased productivity and attained a greater general sense of wellbeing as a result.  


I finally learned to meditate

9Coach editor Sam Downing writes about his experience learning to meditate with Rory. "Successful meditation," he writes, "is not sitting serenely in the lotus position surrounded by total silence, without ever fidgeting or scratching an itch or accidentally falling asleep, and it's definitely not holding your mind free of thoughts. Your mind is expected to wander β€” and allowed to."



Rory writes about his journey from being a hard drinking party animal to becoming a meditation teacher. "What I've found," he writes, "is there's a sweet spot when your addictive personality finds something that's good for you."

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7 Activities Anyone Can Do To Feel A Sense Personal Achievement

Katherine Chatfield quotes Rory in The Huffington Post talking about how meditation can give you a sense of personal achievement. "It allows you to step back from the coalface of life and gives you perspective. It leaves you with more conscious capacity to stretch yourself in all areas of your life."


How to stick to your New Year's resolutions

Brigid Delaney in Executive Style says that when picking a resolution, the best ones are those new habits that can integrate easily into your life, are low cost and can become new habits over time – like meditation.