As we go about our daily lives we take in stress and tension that we lock in our nervous systems that weighs us down. It's easy to understand this with negative experiences like pressure at work or arguments but it happens with positive ones too.

Last week I published an article about What happened when I gave up drinking for 100 days and got an overwhelming response to it. Over 100,000 people read it – that's a stadium full of people! Many people contacted me to share their experiences and lots of people booked in to learn about meditation.

And while this was a completely positive experience, it still created an overload of experience. It was hard not to get carried away with it and let some pride creep in.

We build up a backlog of experiences both good and bad in our system that become the baggage we carry around with us. The more unconscious baggage, the less able we are to live in the present. The less we’re able to live in the present, the less enjoyment we have and the less we’re able to take in all the cues and information that will help us make the best decisions.

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