Discussion at Club Med Live tonight was about sleep during meditation. If sleep comes during meditation, welcome it. In the 20 minutes we’re handing over control of what happens to our body’s natural intelligence, and if that intelligence decides the best thing for us is to offload some of the fatigue we have stored up in the system then that’s a good thing. We get the experiences we need, not necessarily the ones we want.

But while we’re happy if sleep is the result, we shouldn’t encourage it but being too horizontal in our posture. A relaxed upright position with back supported and head and neck free is what we’re looking for. And remember too that you can always set a safety net alarm for 25 minutes if you’re worried about nodding off and missing an appointment.

If you find your head has tilted forward in meditation and think you’ve been sleeping, it’s more likely that you’ve transcended. This is the most common position when you’ve transcended and as we have no experience of the absence of thoughts we often mistakenly think we must have been asleep. But instead it’s that deepest state of the process where we’re directly experiencing the pure conscious state, consciousness without content. It’s this contact with the stillness of our essential inner state that we’re looking to bathe in and then bring back into our waking life. And whether we fully immerse ourselves in it or just approach it, it’s having the same rejuvenating and evolutionary effect on us. Happy meditating!