WE MEDITATE is an online guided meditation course designed to help you stop drinking or take some time away from alcohol. It will teach you how to release stress and find a new way to relax.

You need no prior knowledge or experience with meditation and will only need to set aside 15 minutes a day, where you can sit somewhere, close your eyes and listen to a recording.

The technique uses a mantra which is a meditation words you say silently in your head. The mantra gives you something to occupy your awareness instead of thoughts and leads you to a place of stillness within.

By accessing this place of stillness, you will allow your body to release stress and create new neural pathways in your brain which help you change your habits, including drinking.

For a limited period the course is free of charge – simply enter your email below and you will be sent links to access the course material. Your data won’t be shared with any third parties.

We are always looking to improve our courses, so your feedback would be very welcome.

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What you’ll learn

  • A simple meditation technique to reduce stress 

  • A new way to relax

  • A way to control your impulses and reduce cravings

  • How to deal with thoughts during meditation 

  • A way to improve sleep

  • A method for developing resilience and self control

  • A way of reprogramming your brain and breaking old habits

How it works

  • You receive a daily email with a link to a streamable or downloadable MP3 

  • Listen to a 15 minute recording each day guiding you through a structured meditation course

  • Listen anywhere you can sit quietly without being disturbed – you don’t need silence, the bus or train will work just fine

  • Each recording begins and ends with a few minutes of instruction with around ten minutes of silent meditation in the middle

  • The technique will create new neural pathways in your brain to allow new ways of thinking and behaving

Who is it for?

  • Anyone looking to reduce their alcohol intake or quit drinking for a month

  • Those who have no meditation experience 

  • Anyone who has found other meditation practices hard or would like to try a different one

  • Anyone who thinks their mind is too busy to meditate

About the creator 

Rory Kinsella is a Sydney-based meditation teacher who has been practising and teaching meditation for the last five years. He is an alcohol-free advocate and has written extensively about his journey from a heavy drinker to a non-drinking meditation teacher. His writings about meditation and drinking have been published around the world and translated into dozens of languages. Rory has drawn from ancient  traditions to create the WE MEDITATE technique especially for those looking to change their relationship with alcohol.  

Why is it free?

This is an early version of this course offered free in order to gather feedback to make refinements before going on sale.  


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